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          DO I HAVE A 50,51 OR 52 SERIES COOLER?


Cruzin cooler made 3 series,50,51 and 52 series..some had lids with vents,some had no insulation in the lids,some had no wheel brackets,some had chrome scoops instead of the side vents and some had different controllers than the next one on the assembly line but what makes one a 50,51 or 52 is simple to spot..


The 50 series which was the first gen had a heavy aluminum switch plate that measured around 6 x 6 inches or bigger that MOST of the time went under the handle that you would use to pick up the cooler..Motor swaps are harder and require removing the axle and upgrading to 500 watt batteries in a 300 require cutting the motor mount bracket but the factory controllers were better than 51 series style..


The 51 series used a thin chrome switch plate on the rear of the cooler that the switches mount to that measures 2 inches tall X 5 1/2 inches wide..Motor swaps are easy as you dont have to remove the axle,you can put 500 watt batteries in a 300 easily,the controllers had no wires coming out of them and failed all the time but you can convert it to the better style with our kits..1000 watt coolers were the only units to come with a decent controller that had wires coming out of it..


The 52 had the small plate but ALSO has 2 cup holder hinges,instead of 1..There are many other differnces but thats the easy way to spot out what version you have..Motor swaps are simple and have predrilled holes in your plate that allow for any motor we sell,even if you have a 300 watt!..These 52 series have already been getting a bad rap for being tilted to one side or the other..The lids are nicer,the inside plastic wraps around the outside plastic which stops the known issue of the cooler separating..They went back to the better controllers with wires coming out EXCEPT on the early versions of the 1000 watts for some crazy reason,so if you have a all plastic controller,with aluminum fins on the back that is dark grey which you can pull the wires out of and it says CE on the top right then plan on it failing very fast..Luckily Cruzin Cooler lost the ability to get those style controllers later on in production of the 52 1000 watts and started putting in a much better controller,finally,that should last pretty well....All versions of 52 now come with a battery box,not a great idea only if your wanting to remove but not if your wanting to upgrade or replace batteries..The box can be opened by removing the 4 screws if you look under the lid,,inside you will find batteries and the rest of the area filled with foam.





Your cooler WILL have at least 2 batteries,none came 12v,the 2nd one is hidden on the bottom of the top battery on the 500 watt and the 3rd one on the 750 watt is also hidden under the top one..


250 WATT-small motor with ridges,says 24v on the throttle-(2 batteries,very small 7ah or 9ah & it is belt driven-24 volt) Well unless your a child I dont suggest the 250 watt..For one its not easy to upgrade cause its belt driven and it has super small batteries in it and they dont run long..


300 WATT-small motor with ridges-says 24v on the throttle-(2 batteries are soldered on or have spade connectors,chain driven) A 300 watt is also not that great but they work ok and they can be upgraded with my 300 watt performance kit and the batteries are still small but not as small as the 250 watt..You could upgrade to a 500 watt motor later if needed and everything will work except the controller..Charger,throttle and batteries will still work with a 500 watt motor upgrade..300 watts will not go up any inclines stock with weight over 200 pounds,if it does it will wear it down fast..


500 WATT-big motor,looks the same as a 750 motor-says 24v on the throttle-(2 bigger Batteries that are stacked on top of each other and the wires are bolted or screwed on) This is a great cooler for anyone,heavy or light,and the out of box take off power is great..Up incline power is good and once you upgrade to my 500 watt performance kit,,,You gain so much low and top end power..With my Performance kit you will have speeds up to 23 mph and with my upgraded 3 batteries your run time will outlast the 1000 watt which uses 4 of the 300 watt batteries that equal out to less run time than 3 big batteries..Check out the video in the gallery to see my 500 watt kit destroy a 1000 watt that had bigger batteries.


750 WATT-Says 36v on the throttle-(3 batteries,2 stacked on top of each other and one off to the side and the throttle reads 36 volt)..This is a great stock cooler and the take off is powerfull enough for a 300 pound person and the run time is great,it has more runtime than the 1000 watt..The top speeds will not compete with my performance kit on a 500 watt..


1000 Watt-biggest motor-says 48v on the throttle-(removable battery box,throttle reads 48 volt) Great cooler with good low end and top end speeds..The battery box removal is nice as your could buy a spare and charge it outside of the cooler..Plus its alot lighter without the battery box so loading is nice..I suggest my TriMax throttle with key to keep kids from jumping on it and taking off..This cooler uses 4 of the 300 watt 12 volt 12 amp per hour which means less runtime than the 750 watt..

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