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Fast Scooters-Modified Cruzin Coolers-           Cruzin Cooler Upgrades
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At Fast Scooters we answer the phone at all hours and are glad to help you get your cooler back running or get the right part ordered to get you up and running.


We realize dealing with Cruzin Cooler can be a slow and frustrating process and the parts are not cheap and thats why we are here!


We offer products that make your cooler fast and last!


We run our coolers threw hard courses and for long periods of time and have found and made some GREAT products that last the test of time and offer to our customers for,most of the time,half the price of the dealer!


Our big front tire kit makes the cooler more stable and is a great seller.


Our performance kits are a must and if your worried about the install you can ship it to us or just call and I will walk you threw it,that simple..


Our controllers are rated above factory specs and they all have the option to ad a functional brake light which we have in LED form along with custom key kits and taillights!


Our batteries are not cheapies,we offer a battery that will hold a deep long charge and we give the best warranty around which is 1 year free replacement and 18 months pro-rated.


Our products are top notch,my ebay feedback speaks for itself..Fast Scooters is here to stay and we want you to count on us for the best,long lasting products available.

    Any questions you can simply call or email me at




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